Prof. Dr. Talib Jawad Kazim Alkhazale |

1-      Personal data:

1-1-           Name in full: Talib Jawad Kazim Alkhazale

1-2-           Sex:  Male

1-3-           Date of birth: 2nd of July 1954

1-4-           Place of birth: Baquba city / Iraq.

1-5-           Nationality: Iraqi

1-6-           Language Spoken: Arabic, and English.

1-7-           Marital status: Married  with three kids.

1-8-           Postal address: Anatomy department, college of Medicine, Diyala University / Iraq.

1-9-           Present designation : Assistant professor Since 1 / 10 / 2002

1-10-       Field Specialization : Anatomy and histology.

2-         Academic Qualification:

2-1-           School education:  Primary school / 1969,     Secondary school; 1975.

2-2-           University education:  B.V.M &S: College of Veterinary Medicine/Baghdad / Iraq, 1979 .

2-3-           Higher education:

MSc... Department of anatomy, College of Medicine, Tikrit University /Iraq. Supervisors name: Mohamed N.Alli.

           PHD... Department of anatomy, College of Medicine, Tikrit University /Iraq. Supervisors name: Dr, Ibrahim A.H., Abdul-Ghani.M.A., Ghanim Unis Al-shaikh. 

2-4-           Topic of MSc thesis: Age related Changes of the immune system and effect of aspirin on immunosenescence.


Content and Schedule of project:

 (a)-  establish a baseline data for the age related changes of the thymus .,spleen, and    lymph nodes.

 (b)- determine the effect of low doses of aspirin on immunosenscence.

2-5-  Topics of PHD thesis: A Trial to improve regeneration of the peripheral nerves in experimentally induced diabetes(a histological study).


2-6-    Content and schedule of projects:

  1. Determine the histological features and the histomertical measurements of the sciatic nerve fibers in normal un diabetic rats.
  2. Determine the histological features and the histomertical measurements of the sciatic nerve fibers in diabetic rats.
  3. Make a trial to improve the regeneration of the peripheral nerves by the administration of (Aspirin, Vitamin C, and oil of Nigella Sativa).
  4. Determine of the effect of exogenous insulin on the peripheral nerves in diabetic and normal animals.
  5. Teaching experience :      

  3.1- Teacher in Tikirt University College of medicine in Iraq. Since 1992, lecturer  in the anatomy Dep.

3.2-Teacher in Diyala university college of medicine in Iraq, since 2004, lecturer, in the anatomy Dep.

3.3- Head of department of anatomy; Diyala University, college of medicine.

3.4-Assistant of the dean ; Diyala University, college of medicine.

3.5- The head of the Medical Educational Unit; Diyala University, college of medicine.


3.6- Supervision:

3-6-1: A research of MSc in anatomy / Tikirt University College of medicine.

Topic; ((Anatomical and structural study of sub mandible salivary gland))  The student: Ali Ghanim Al-Aukaily.

3.7-  Research of PHD in anatomy/ Hawler Medical college / Hawler Medical   University/  Kurdistan / Iraq.      

        Topic: ((Structural Study of Secondary Male Sex Organs in Diabetic Rats under effect of Herbal Treatment)).  The student: Herow khalid mustaffa (Msc histology )

3.8- Research of PHD in anatomy/Hawler Medical college/Hawler Medical University/Kurdista/Iraq.                                                                                          

      Topic: ((Structural Study Of Peripheral nerve in Diabetic Human  and Herbal Treatment In Diabetic Rats). The student: Payman Jamal (MSc anatomy . BMSC,)

3.9- Supervisor: A research of PHD in anatomy/ Hawler Medical college / Hawler Medical University/ Kurdistan / Iraq.                                                                           

Topic: (Anatomical and Sonographic  Study Of Pelvicalyceal System And its relation to appendicitis). The student:  Alnajar, S.M. (MSc. Anatomy, Diploma ; G.S.) 

3-  Seminar ,Workshops and  Conference :

1- Seminar on the effect of oil of Nigella Sativa .on the regeneration of the peripheral nerves in experimentally induced, diabetes, Tikrit University, Iraq, July 2002.

2-  Seminar on Nigella Sativa as a treatment for every thing. Al-kaid College of Pharmacology .University, Iraq ,July 2002.


3-  Publications:

1- Mohamed N.Alli., Kzim T.J., Zynal N.F., (1998) Effect of low daily dose of aspirin on immune system in rats subjected to chronic stress. Medical J. Tikrit, 4:33-39

2- Kazim T.J., Zynal N.F., (1999) Effect of low daily dose of aspirin on the number of large lymphocyte. Medical J. Tikrit, 6:32-39

3- Murbut M.M., Kzim T.J., Zynal N.F., Birth spacing intervals of mothers in Tikrit City. Medical J. Tikrit, (2004),10(1) 34-37.

4- Abdul-Alrasool.H.,kazim T.J.,The anatomical , radiological and electrophysiological Studies of  Cases with Seventh Cervical Rib. (1999) Medical J.Tikrir.2:18-31.,

5- kazim T.J., Anatomical variation in the coarse and branches and grooves of the middle meningeal artery inside the skull. Tikrit Medical Journal, Accepted for publication,     no: (62) in 21/ 9 / 2002.

6- kazim T.J., Mahood A.S., Abdul-Alrasool H., Structural Study of the Sciatic Nerve in Normal and Diabetic rats Treated with Alium Sativum Powder. Tikrit J. of Pharmacceutical Sciences 2007. 3(1):42-53.

7-Kazim T.J, khataf A. S Hammed A.M. Al-Samarrai A.M Cymbopogon Citratus Oil Restores ; The Morphology of the Peripheral Nerves and the Blood Glucose to the normal side in Diabetic Rats. IBN-Alhitham. Diyala J.for Applied Resarches. Vo:   1.No:  2,2005.P:145-157.

8-Kazim T.J.,Prevalence and factors effecting obesity among females in an Iraqi city and related rural areas. (in press).

9-Payman D. J., Kazim T.J., and Ansam M.H., The anatomical study of the Dorsalis pedis artery, variability in relation to genetic factors, and blood group and other       anomalies(in press)2008

10-Sulhel M., Talib T.J., The prevalence and degree and location of the rectal hemorrhoid among patients of anorectal problems in Hawler city.(in press)2008

11- Talib T.J., The meningeal receptors serving in conducting pain(an anatomical and histological study)   (in press) 2008.

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